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Ultrasonic Cavitation & 6MgHz Multi-Polar Radiofrequency

Our non-invasive lipolysis treatment is a painless procedure for
fat loss and body sculpting. Using a combination of Ultrasound
Cavitation and 6 Mghz multi-polar 3D radiofrequency (RF), in
combination with diet and lifestyle changes, patients can
experience fat loss and body contouring.

With our non-invasive lipolysis treatments, patients can
experience fat loss, reduction in the appearance of cellulite,
increases in collagen production in the dermis leading to "tighter",
"more firm", and "lifting" of affected areas and a decrease in the
overall abdominal, pelvic, or thigh circumference and girth. Some
patients can experience a significant change in just one

This cutting edge technology has been featured on numerous
news, entertainment and medical programs, such as "The
Doctors" and "Dr. Oz Show", not to mention medical journals and
popular magazines. For more information please click here.

Before and After Photos:

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