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Itching Scalp/Excessive Dandruff

Often times patient chalk up their ITCHING, FLAKING SCALP to "I need to wash my hair
more often." They will wash excessively, with various over the counter remedies such as
Tea Tree shampoos and anti-dandruff shampoos. The culprit may be more than just the
need to wash hair more often, many times, there is an underlying infection or overgrowth
of fungal organisms.

The flaking scalp condition is also often accompanied by blocked pores of the forehead,
jawline and face, excessive black heads, oily skin, with flaking in eye brows, ear lobes and
nasal folds. In severe cases, especially over extended time, and with superimposed
"perming", coloring, heat treatment, and traction (braids, weaves), this scalp condition can
lead to permanent hair loss.

After a thorough consultation, Dr. Harris can make recommendations to appropriately treat
this MEDICAL CONDITION and alleviate your itchy flaking scalp and accompanying facial

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