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Hyperpigmentation can be caused by excessive sun exposures and by many
skin and hormonal conditions as well. Acne and skin trauma can cause dark spots.
Repeated UV exposure and certain Hormonal changes can cause darkened
blotches, or Melasma. Certain medical conditions can cause dark thickened,
velvety changes of the skin and skin folds, such as Acanthosis Nigricans. Some
treatments for hyperpigmentation only involve topical medications, others require
both aesthetic intervention and medical or lifestyle intervention as well.

Dr. Harris is a generalist as well as an Aesthetics Physician, thus she is most
suited to help determine the best course of action to treat your hyperpigmentation.

Before and After Photos:

Hyperpigmenation 1
Hyperpigmenation 2
Hyperpigmenation 3
Hyperpigmenation 4
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