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Cupping and Gua Sha

Cupping is an additional type of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is used as an
alternative method to provide acupressure. Cupping is performed by creating a
vacuum on the patient skin with heat or suction thus providing a way of improving
the flow of energy through the body. Cupping is often used to treat muscular and
respiratory conditions.

Cupping, as well as Gua Sha, may leave temporary, sub-cutaneous blemishing
and/or redness in the treated areas. This usually resolves within 3-10 days.
Though some markings may be apparent immediately after treatment, there are no
long term changes to the skin and no scarring.

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Cupping Photos:

Cupping 1
Cupping 2
Cupping 3
Cupping 4
Cupping 5

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