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  • Neocutis BLANCHE Cream (Hydroquinone USP, 4% Rx Only) with Melaplex


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    Neocutis BLANCHE Cream
      (Hydroquinone USP, 4% Rx Only)
    with Melaplex



BLANCHE Skin lightening Cream (Hydroquinone USP, 4%) Rx Only
Formulated with Melaplex®

MELAPLEX®, an exclusive skin brightening complex is combined
with Hydroquinone 4%, the #1 physician choice for topical skin
lightening, to help visibly diminish the appearance of dark spots and
pigmentation. Blanche takes skin lightening to a bright new level!

Blanche Skin Lightening Cream (Hydroquinone USP, 4%) with
MELAPLEX® helps to*:

  •       Visibly lighten dark (brownish) skin discolorations.

  •       Brighten and restore the look of skin tone and clarity for
          a more even complexion.

  •       Provide light hydration to counteract dryness.

  •       Formulated with anti-oxidants to help maintain the
          appearance of youthful looking skin.


Blanche Cream is prescribed by Dr. Jing Jing post mole removal and post surgeries to ensure minimal post treatment hyperpigmentation.

All skin types: Non-comedogenic • Dermatologist tested • Free of color additives and fragrances • Steroid-free.

BLANCHE® contains sodium metabisulfite, a sulfite that may cause serious allergic-type reactions (e.g., hives, itching, wheezing, anaphylaxis, severe asthma attack) in susceptible persons.

*Individual results will vary.


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