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Pearl Cream
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Pearl Cream



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What is all the PEARL CREAM Buzz about?

What is Pearl Cream?

Pearl cream is a medication designed to attack many common Skin ailments such as ACNE,SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS, BLOCKED PORES, DARK SPOTS/PATCHES, and even active cystic BUMPS! Pearl Cream contains potent and effective medicinal skin care treatments and also numerous Botanical extrts, Natural Oils and Vitamin Serums to help battle skin ailments.

What's in Pearl Cream?

Pearl Cream is a PROPRIETARY COMPOUND mixture of several medications, botanical extracts, Vitamins serums, Natural Oils, and Emollients, and we have tempered it with Calming cream to ensure EFFECTIVENESS with Minimal Sensitivity. We have listed some of the more well known components of Pearl Cream to illustrate how it's so powerful in treating Skin ailments.


Tretinoin Cream, also known as "Retin A Cream": Tretinoin Cream is a chemical exfoliant, it's like a "chemical peel" in a "tube". Used daily, it causes increased skin cell turn over, increased surface skin sloughing, or light peeling, which in turns helps to bring forth the "new, unmarred" underlying skin, get rid of damaged external skin and blemishes, and decrease fine lines. Regular use leaves patients with a "younger looking appearance" and a very apparent "natural glow".


Hydroquinone, also knowns as "Skin Brightening Cream": Some low percentage, over the counter, well knowns brands are Ambi and Nadinola. We use prescription grade (which starts at 4%) in our Pearl Cream compounds. Since we specialize in treating patients with PIGMENTED SKIN TONES, we carry numerous compound doses of Hydroquinone in our Pearl Cream mixtures. Often times, many patients may have been using OTC (over the counter) bleaching agents for some time to treat dark spots from Acne blemishes, unfortunately, even if the OTC product is somewhat effective, because the skin is damaged (thickened due to past trauma and inflammation, darkened due to past bruising and possible cystic activity) the medication can not "penetrate" the damaged skin to be effective in treating the underlying "good' skin.


Mild-dose anti-inflammatory ointment, also known as "low dose Steroid Cream". When using exfoliating and brightening products, the skin can become irritated and feel "tight" and uncomfortable, thus it's important to include a "calming cream" to counter act any discomfort. If you had a wonderful cream that made your face look beautiful and radiant, but every time you used it, it made your skin "hurt", you would rarely use it, thus the inclusion of this "calming ointment" is crucial. All things need "balance", including your SKIN.


Salysilic Acids and Glycolic Acid (Fruit Acid)
Glycolic acid, an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), is a well known skin exfoliant. It also works on the external layer of the skin, by dissolving sebum and other substances that causes cells to "stick" together. Alpha Hydroxy Acids break the bonds between weakened skin cells, making it easy to exfoliate, this in turn helps to encourage the production of new skin cells. Regular use of Glycolic Acid products also helps to increase skin thickness, improve quality of elastic fibers and increases density of collagen. In other words it helps to exfoliate AND to "tighten" up the skin.


Salicylic acid is a BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid), another well know exfoliant. It is used in the treatment of scaly skin diseases where the skin has become thickened, scaly and flaky. Salicylic acid works by softening keratin, a protein that forms a part of the external skin structure. This helps to loosen dry, scaly, skin, and decrease blocked pores. Salicylic acid in combination with other medications is very helpful in Acne, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Chronic Eczema (atopic dermatitis) and even viral warts. It works by helping to remove the external, affected layer of skin so other medications can penetrate more effectively.


Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C
Vitamin A is essential to good health, especially in vision. It also has important effects on the skin.Vitamin A in various forms is one of the most common treatments for acne. Tretinoin Cream (Retin A) is actually a "turbo charged" synthetic-acid form of Vitamin A, used to stimulate rapid growth in the skin and increase cell turn over.


Vitamin C is also essential to good health and also has dramatic effects on the skin. Most notably, if you have acne, or other type of inflammatory skin ailment, Vitamin C can help by decreasing the "redness" in your skin. Redness is partially the result of inflammation, especially with Active Acne. The immune system releases inflammatory chemicals to destroy acne bacteria, but the bacteria have a "decoy" system that redirect those chemicals toward the skin itself. Vitamin C "tones down" this inflammatory response sparing the destruction of healthy skin instead of the bacteria in the pores.


Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which means that it protects the skin against hazardous break down products (free radicals) that are released when skin cells metabolize. Vitamin E is crucial to skin health because it helps skin cells "cure" themselves after injury.


Pearl Cream contains many other skin enhancing products aside from these listed above. Our patients LOVE this formulated medication!!


If you have any "blemish" causing skin condition such as Acne, Blocked Pores, Dark Spots, then you definitely NEED PRETTY FACES ATLANTA PEARL CREAM!!!


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