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After your one-on-one physician consultation with Dr. Harris, she may recommend certain products
that are best suited for your skin type and concerns.

Dr. Harris not only prescribes these products, she has tried each product in these recomended
pharmaceutical lines for At LEAST the standard trial duration of 90-120 days, thus she has the
personal AND clinical experience to guide your skin care regimen.

Regardless of what services we may assist you with, your skin's health, appearance, and maintenance
is carried out, first and foremost, in your home.

Let us help you choose the right skin care regimine for you.

We carry several product lines, including Neocutis, LifeLine, Innovative Skincare, IS Clinical and Revision Pharmaceuticals.

We also carry exclusive Pretty Faces Atlanta Sulfur Cleansing Complex and our world famous, Pearl Cream compound.

Purchase products ONLINE, or in person, after consultation.


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