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The Company

Pretty faces Atlanta was designed to meet the growing needs of concierge medical cosmetics and skin care patients in

PrettyfacesAtlanta offers the most advanced skin care and cosmetics treatments and Prettyfacesatlanta offers mobile, to
your door (or office, hotel, conference site, etc) services as well.

We support the Atlanta area and surrounding cities, and Concierge services up to 25 miles of 30082.

Our Providers

We believe that in today's modern world, being healthy, looking healthy and matching your
inner health with outward appearance is what most people strive for.

Dr. Harris

Jing Jing Wong Harris, MD

Family Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine
Concierge Medicine,
Attending Clinical Instructor

Dr. Jing Jing Wong Harris

We believe that in today's modern world, being healthy, looking healthy and matching your inner health with your outward appearance is what most people strive for

Dr. Jing Jing Wong Harris is a Licensed Family Medicine Provider with additional
Clinical and Cosmetics Dermatology, and Anti-Aging Training.

She completed her residency training with Loyola University, School of Medicine and
Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL. Additionally, Dr. Harris completed over 3 years
of specific dermatology training, in both clinical and cosmetic dermatology. Dr.
Harris has also completed and instructed numerous dermatological and aesthetic

Dr. Harris attended both Morehouse School of Medicine and Xavier University
School of Medicine. Prior to Medical Training, Dr. Harris trained in Dietetics and Nutrition.

Dr. Harris also trained for numerous years under the tutelage of Dr. Welsey Wilborn,
renowned Dermatologist, Instructor, Speaker, and Founder of DPL Cosmetics.

Dr. Harris treats patients of all colors and ethnicites, and she has additional, specific
training in the treatment of minority skin complaints (including African American,
Asian, Hispanics, East Indians, and other pigmented populations).

Dr. Harris specializes in ethnic specific cosmetics treatments.

We are a medical practice. Though Dr. Harris specializes in Aesthetics, she is first
and foremost a Generalist. As a Family Physician Dr. Harris has the medical
background to also comment on underlying health conditions that can affect the
overall health and appearance of your skin.

To quote Dr. Harris, "....as a physician I believe I should use all my skills to not only
assist with my patient's general health care and medical needs, but also provide
whatever help I can with their esteem and general sense of wellness. I hope to
provide all of this and more in the management of my patients."


Dr. Jing Jing Wong Harris

Dr. Sherica Rosser, MD

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